Become a Dealer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer with Ultimate Golf Carts. We are among the largest Custom Golf Cart Builders in the Region and are looking forward to the prospect of partnering with you. We believe strongly in building long term relationships with our partners and we work hard to ensure our valued associates receive the maximum benefit from our top-rated products and services.

Ultimate Golf Carts’ diverse line of products including our Vortex, Phantom, Titan and Spartan, Off-Road and Elite Series Vehicles as well as Cadillac, Hummer, and Roadster lines have been created through an innovative development process and built using the very best materials and workmanship available in the industry. Our unique combination of quality, design, and passion to build cutting edge vehicles that are fundamentally different from the traditional golf cart are at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the industry. The unique and dynamic look that we create by combining subtle changes with accessory add-ons to the conventional golf cart have a dramatic overall effect and puts our custom golf carts steps ahead of the rest.

Being an Ultimate Golf Carts dealer is about more than simply churning out golf carts. It’s also about being a part of an ongoing trend to create innovative new uses for a vehicle that is no longer meant strictly for the golf course. We are producing the new greener alternative in many areas for getting around in the campgrounds, towns, and cities. They become the preferred choice for professionals from a wide variety of industries all around the country.

At Ultimate Golf Carts, we recognize that your success is our success. That’s why we back every dealer with the industry’s most advanced technology and best-built golf carts on the market. Please download the dealer application and be sure to designate your choice of either Associate Dealer or Neighborhood Referring Dealer.

Dealer Application

Dealer Program FAQs

1. What is an Ultimate Golf Carts Associate Dealer?

An Associate dealer is a business or individual that has been authorized to sell the Ultimate Golf Carts branded Vortex, Phantom, Titan, and Spartan, Off-Road and Elite Series vehicles as well as Cadillac, Hummer, Roadster and other related Ultimate Golf Carts Brands. Associate dealers are authorized to operate in a pre-determined, designated territory and agree to maintain a small inventory of vehicles on hand at their location. An Ultimate Golf Carts Associate Dealer also provides customers with "After The Sale" services and parts. Associate dealer pricing and/or commissions will vary based on a variety of factors.

2. What is a Neighborhood Referral Dealer?

A Neighborhood Referral Dealer is a dealer, business or individual that markets Ultimate Golf Carts branded products to their neighbors, friends, and family and receives a commission between $100 & $350 per unit on the sales they generate. The Neighborhood Referral Dealer does not have an obligation to acquire or maintain any minimum amount of inventory other than the purchase of their first Custom Golf Cart that is used as a demonstration vehicle to generate sales through their family, friends, and neighbors.

3. How can I become an Ultimate Golf Carts Associate Dealer or a Neighborhood Referral Dealer?

Becoming a dealer is a simple process. First, send a notification of interest email to We will then send you back information about our company along with dealer sign up forms.  After receiving your completed dealer application, an Ultimate Golf Carts Representative will contact you to go over the program in detail and to answer any questions you may have.

Ultimate Golf Carts will consider each request, factoring in the application details, business model, financial projections, experience, and other relevant information. Applicants requesting to become an Associate Dealer will be granted a dealership for the specific territory they request only if there is currently no other Associate dealer within that territory. Once approved, the Associate Dealer will execute a standard dealer agreement and become authorized to place an initial order of product as inventory.

For prospective Neighborhood Referral Dealer applicants simply complete the dealer application form and call 612-223-5555 to discuss the purchase of your demo cart. Once your cart arrives you will be contacted to go over the program in detail and to answer any questions you may have. ALL Neighborhood Referral Dealer requests will normally be approved.

4. Is there a fee to apply for becoming a Dealer and is there any upfront franchise fee?

There is no fee to apply for becoming a dealer and there is no franchise fee since this program is not a franchise.

5. If I am granted an Ultimate Golf Carts Dealership will I get the specific territory I request?

 Your preferred territory will certainly be taken into consideration. If no dealer currently exists in your requested territory it will likely be granted since our goal is to position qualified dealers in all available prime territories. In the event a requested territory is not able to be granted, the prospective dealer will be offered but not be obligated to accept an alternate territory. If no acceptable alternate territory can be agreed on, the prospective dealer can choose to become a Neighborhood Referring Dealer

6. What is the Dealer Code of Conduct for dealers?

We operate on the basis of integrity, honesty, and fairness. Since you as partnering dealers represent our name and brand, we expect you to do the same. This includes dealing with customers, other dealers, vendors, lenders who may finance our vehicles, customers and anyone else that you come in contact with while conducting business as an Associate Dealer. The Dealer Code of Conduct needs to be adhered to maintain a "dealer in good standing" status and remain authorized to sell the Ultimate Golf Carts product line. Both Associate and Neighborhood Referral Dealers are required to adhere to the Dealer Code of Conduct.

7. How much can I expect to earn with the dealer program?

The earning potential for each dealer will vary based on several factors including the amount of effort expended, the specific niche market targeted, the geographic location of the operation and the varying market conditions.

Our products appeal to a wide range of retail and commercial customers and they generate gross profit margins when sold at MSRP, which should enable dealers to generate sufficient revenue to compliment an existing business income and have the potential for a full-time operator to generate a substantial income.

As is the case for most businesses, market conditions are constantly changing and a dealer's individual ability to adapt and adjust to changing market conditions certainly increases their chances for success. We consider ourselves very creative and strive to supply unique products to help ensure your profitability.

8. What level of mechanical expertise is required to be an Associate Dealer?

An Associate Dealer is required to have access to a moderate level of mechanical expertise, basic tools, and a small service area. We are committed to supporting our dealers and to assist with solutions as needs arise.